About Me

Hello I am a  future professional graphic designer. My name is Brittany Johnson, single mother and a hard worker, that  pays attention to detail. I  get along with authority, and can take criticism pretty well. I have thoughts in my mind that need to be put down on paper. I want more experience in the field of editorial layout design for magazine clients and companies, magazine is where I want to be. But there are always other routes I can take to live out my dreams to design. I’ am a current student at the Art Institute of Dallas with a G.P.A of a 3.5, student worker, and club activist for an upcoming media group called the Media Innovators. I am willing to put my all into showing people my talent, I laugh at the face of adversity. I’am determined to be the best that I can be. I’am 27 years old and have a chance to speak my creative as well as showing it.

Design is me, thank you for your consideration.


  • I am interested in astrology
  • Taught myself the stock market and how to invest
  • CPR Certified
  • I like to take long walks
  • Currently learning>
    Webscripting for HTML and CSS

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