Showcase: Bill Carman

love the green

Fluster Magazine

Meet Bill Carman and his surreal work! Bill has a BFA in visual communication and an MFA in painting. He is a professor of illustration and drawing based in Boise , Idaho (USA).



-Who is Bill Carman? Tell us about yourself

I walked into a local Stinker (yes real name) gas station and convenience store. Upon taking my purchases to the counter the young clerk remarked, “Dude, your head is perfectly round.” Pause, my reply: “Uh, thank you?” One would think that in such a perfectly round dome ideas and images might be orbiting neatly, ripe for the plucking. Nothing could be further from the truth. If my head were opened it would be quite messy. A lot goes in there and if I did not let it out, occasionally an eye would pop. Though my work can be meticulous in its execution my mind scribbles, jumps, spins, and…

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